Happy birthday Mavis

Today is my wife’s birthday, she was born in 1954 at the Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta. She is the only one of five kids, born to George and Odell McGhee, that is a true Georgian. All of her family came from Alabama, but that’s okay. She was and still is a cutie pie. You can see by the picture just how cute she was back in 1970. We started dating in High School and got married just five months after I graduated.

Arlene was saved and committed her life to Christ early in our marriage and she has committed herself to being Mom and wife and now Nana.  Arlene always thinks of others first.  I never could have been the Dad or pastor all these years without her help and support.  I think she is the greatest preacher’s wife I have ever know.  I tell everyone the reason they put up with me is because they love Arlene.

She has plenty of nick names, here are a few and the reasons behind each.

Sweetie, because she is sweet.  Cooter, her family called her this as a kid.  Mavis, her mother’s middle name.

Lucy, that’s her first name. Nana, because she is a grandmother.  Boss, because she is. Na Na, Tennyson’s new name for her. Baby, because she is my baby. So, now you know more than you wanted to about my wife on her birthday.  Happy Birthday!

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