Good Morning by Arlene

I have been babysitting for Eli a few days. Preacher has been in Columbus helping Alan paint & put in a new hot water heater in there new house. Baby Eli is so sweet. I have very much enjoyed spending time with him. He has the SWEETEST way of saying NANA …. He will repeat everything U say now. I had the door opened & said Oreo likes to lay in the sunshine, he said sunshine. I was drinking my coffee, I said baby Eli can not have coffee & it is hot, he then said coffee. This is when U have to REALLY watch what U say around little ones.

As I was typing this I thought about how we as Christians we have to watch what we say & do around unsaved loved ones.  We should want to say & do things that they would want to repeat. Like how to serve a might GOD. God has been so good to us & the family we have here in Palmetto has been such a blessing. The church family has went far above the call of duty for us. We have a new cover on our back deck (that we hope to get screened in this spring) it is going to be so nice to be able to have gatherings here & open the french doors for more space & a new roof to make the house look so nice. We are going to have the messy pine straw gone as soon as the trees are down in the front.

I will be leaving soon to go to Columbus to take Eli home & then to Moreland’s B/day party. She turned 3 yesterday. My how time goes by. We have 3 beautiful grandchildren. There parents are doing such a great job teaching them about Jesus & the things we should do to please HIM.

Thanks to all of U, for the blessing U have been to our family. We Love each one in a very special way.

Arlene Smith


Dear Friends,
I just wanted to update you all on Hunter’s test reports from this
past week. Before these last test were done, the cardiologist said
that he was pretty confident that they would definitely find
something. With a heart that has had as much done to it as his, it
was expected. The question would be, would they do anything about it
at this time? Well, the preliminary reports are back, and they called
to tell us that everything is fine for now. The plan is to watch him
and see if he displays any symptoms. These might be some that we can
see and some we cannot. If his heart seems to be overcompensating it
will enlarge and other symptoms will show up. Another thing is that
since he had so much done to his heart as a baby, his heart is
different than that of the average person’s etc. Also, since he has
grown so much since then, they are trying to figure out if some of
what he is experiencing is just normal for him or if it is signals
that something needs to be done. The deal is that the only surgery
for this is major by-pass surgery and they don’t want to go in there
without a really good feel for it. He has been told that he can
resume his day to day activities etc. He can do all of the “fun”
things that he loves to do. He just cannot play any organized sports.
Over the years, having two children with heart problems has in many
ways been like a roller coaster ride. Many ups and downs, many
twists and turns. Sometimes, it even felt like we were being jerked
around until we felt like tossing our cookies. It hasn’t been easy,
but God is so GOOD!!
He really has taught us so very much!!!
Most of Hunter’s “heart” story occurred when he was a baby. He has
had to continue to go to the cardiologist on a regular basis, but
that has been it, until recently. But you know, God has a purpose
and a plan for ALL things! All of this popped up several months ago,
from what seemed “out of the blue”. We all know, with God, there is
no “out of the blue”, for he knows of all of the plans he has for
This is what I think: A Mother’s opinion; I think, that God wanted
Hunter to understand that he did not have to save him as a baby. I
God wanted to show Hunter, himself, that his story is a continuing story.
One day recently, I remember, Hunter getting a little upset in the
Doctor’s office and he said, out of frustration, “This is the way it’s
gonna be for the rest of my life, in and out of the hospital, etc.” .
He was feeling down and discouraged, understandably so. He’s a kid that
could only see the surface of things, until God showed him something else.
God wanted Hunter to see for himself something totally different. I am
filled with such emotion as I tell you that Hunter was saved through all
of this. The day of the heart catheterization, he asked the Lord into his
heart. In many, ways he has a new heart. God has renewed his heart! We are
so very thankful for God’s love and mercy! Without him….I don’t even
want to go there………
So I share this with you. We know not what tomorrow holds, but we
know God holds the future…This fact gives us immeasurable peace!
Thank you for your prayers, your concern and your hugs. It has all helped
to keep us going. The last couple of weeks have been so stressful. I know
we are not be anxious, I failed in that. I am so thankful that I
serve a God that loves me and who forgives me anyway.
It is my prayer in sharing this with each of you, that you will read
it and maybe even tuck it away in your mind. But I hope that you
will put it in a place that you can revisit it when you might be
feeling down or discouraged. Please take from it, this: God may take
us through valleys at times; but he is ALWAYS there and he has a
plan, place yourselves in the palms of his hands; IT’S THE BEST PLACE
TO BE !!!


Hunter’s Story

On New Years Eve of the year 2008, I became a Christian. Brother Steve Harper led me to the Lord on a hospital bed. On that wonderful day, I had a heart catheterization, and Brother Steve came to see me before I went into surgery. He asked me if anything happened was I ready? I knew what he meant. I told him no. He said that I could be ready right then and there if I was willing. So I thought for a minute and asked myself if this was the time for me to get saved. I had been asking God if he would let me know without a shadow of a doubt if and when the time came that He would convict me. If I got saved I wanted to know that it was real. I asked myself if this was the time for me to get saved. Yes, it was time for me to be born again. Brother Steve asked me if I wanted to be saved. I said “Let’s do it”. So I prayed the most memorable prayer I have ever prayed. I said “Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner please forgive me of all of my sins and come into my heart.” Right then I was born again, and I knew it was real. That night Brother Steve told his grandchildren about me and he led them both to the Lord. That day was a truly wonderful day that I will never forget. The Lord has been so good to me though the years and I look forward to serving him in any way I can.