Good Morning by Arlene

I have been babysitting for Eli a few days. Preacher has been in Columbus helping Alan paint & put in a new hot water heater in there new house. Baby Eli is so sweet. I have very much enjoyed spending time with him. He has the SWEETEST way of saying NANA …. He will repeat everything U say now. I had the door opened & said Oreo likes to lay in the sunshine, he said sunshine. I was drinking my coffee, I said baby Eli can not have coffee & it is hot, he then said coffee. This is when U have to REALLY watch what U say around little ones.

As I was typing this I thought about how we as Christians we have to watch what we say & do around unsaved loved ones.  We should want to say & do things that they would want to repeat. Like how to serve a might GOD. God has been so good to us & the family we have here in Palmetto has been such a blessing. The church family has went far above the call of duty for us. We have a new cover on our back deck (that we hope to get screened in this spring) it is going to be so nice to be able to have gatherings here & open the french doors for more space & a new roof to make the house look so nice. We are going to have the messy pine straw gone as soon as the trees are down in the front.

I will be leaving soon to go to Columbus to take Eli home & then to Moreland’s B/day party. She turned 3 yesterday. My how time goes by. We have 3 beautiful grandchildren. There parents are doing such a great job teaching them about Jesus & the things we should do to please HIM.

Thanks to all of U, for the blessing U have been to our family. We Love each one in a very special way.

Arlene Smith

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