Shoot For The Moon, says of T.K.

For most of us life’s problems seem to control not only thoughts but also our spirit. Many times our goals are determined by pass failures not the future possibilities. I experienced a classic example last week with our granddaughter Tennyson, more affectionately known as T. K., for Tennyson Kyle.
T.k.’s family was on vacation at the beach, Nana was planning on going but was sick. One day the phone rang it was T.K. “Guess what Nana, I flew a kite on the beach today then we went to the Disney Store. There were lots of pretty things there.” “What did you buy?” said Nana. “We just looked, do YOU want to buy me something Nana?” “I will be happy to buy you something, put Mom on the phone so I can tell her.”  Hilary comes to the phone and her and Nana agree to get the girls a dress-up outfit, Ariel the little mermaid and maybe Tinker Bell,
Later that night the phone rings, it is Hilary calling to let us know how much this trip cost Papa. Nana answers the phone, “Well did they find what they were looking for?”
Hilary laughs and says,” Not at first, they were more interested in watching the movies playing in different locations in the store. They were having trouble making up their mind. So finally I asked Tennyson didn’t she see any thing she liked. T.K. said, ”Well those big screen TV’s were nice.” Nana and Hilary just laughed. ”That girl shoots for the moon!”
God has promised to supply ALL our needs according to Hid riches in glory. But it seems we want to limit our request according to our means. Maybe we should “Shoot for the moon.” We have not because we ask not. In Luke 18:16 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
We need more of that child like faith, if our Heavenly Father promises us a bowl of soup then don’t come with a tea cup. Stop letting the past rob you of present blessings, shoot for the moon. After all, it was God that put the moon in place.

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