Hunter’s Testimony

Hunter’s Story

On New Years Eve of the year 2008, I became a Christian. Brother Steve Harper led me to the Lord on a hospital bed. On that wonderful day, I had a heart catheterization, and Brother Steve came to see me before I went into surgery. He asked me if anything happened was I ready? I knew what he meant. I told him no. He said that I could be ready right then and there if I was willing. So I thought for a minute and asked myself if this was the time for me to get saved. I had been asking God if he would let me know without a shadow of a doubt if and when the time came that He would convict me. If I got saved I wanted to know that it was real. I asked myself if this was the time for me to get saved. Yes, it was time for me to be born again. Brother Steve asked me if I wanted to be saved. I said “Let’s do it”. So I prayed the most memorable prayer I have ever prayed. I said “Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner please forgive me of all of my sins and come into my heart.” Right then I was born again, and I knew it was real. That night Brother Steve told his grandchildren about me and he led them both to the Lord. That day was a truly wonderful day that I will never forget. The Lord has been so good to me though the years and I look forward to serving him in any way I can.

You are not seeing double, yesterday we had trouble with our web server because of the inauguration of Obama. I wanted everyone to hear Hunter’s story. What a heart warming story of God’s love. I am excited to see how God will use Hunter in the years ahead. Please pray that Hunter will always stay as tender toward God as he does today.

This is a repeat of Hunter’s testimony but it stirs my soul to know God is going to use this young man. Let’s hear your testimony. Hunter is Donald and Sue Reaves grandson.