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This is an email from Ricky Smith, about the mission work we helped with last year.
Good morning,
I have to share some wonderful news that I received this morning from Costa Rica. This past year our team traveled to San Isidro del General and partnered with a local church and local pastor there. Our goal was to resource that church by visiting every home in their community and share the Gospel and give information about the church. Today I received an email report from David Brown, our translator and trip guide/missionary, with an exciting report of what God has been doing since our trip in that church and community. Please read his email below and praise the Lord with me this morning:Ricky Smith

Hi Ricky:

I am back in Costa Rica after a 3 month visit to the states. I enjoyed visiting family and some churches. I was able to experience some snow which we never have here in Costa Rica.

I visited with Pastor William Mesa on Thursday in Pavones de San Isidro. It was a great visit. A lot has happened there since your team worked there.

They have new families attending

They have more than 100 on Sunday. 35 adults besides teachers and children. Sometimes 120 people.

They have had two couples get saved, baptized, and they will be getting married. These are couples that just lived in ‘union libre’ and now that they are believers they realize that they need to be married.

One family came and pastor asked them who invited them or how they heard about the church. They said some gringos came to their house. That was your team.

Pastor’s wife told me that last year Pastor said that they would grow to 100 by this year. She was skeptical but God did it.

They have so many young people that they divided into two groups so the older teens and the younger ones each have their own groups now.

A family in the church is building and bringing new benches. Every week or two they bring a couple more. They need them and they are using some of the old ones for the Sunday School classes. They had to put up a blue tarp on the other side of the driveway for more classes.

Because of the economy, pastor had to sell his van so he only has a car now. He used to go get people for church in his van. But God is still bringing people. Isn’t that great?

Thanks for your visit to CR and the contribution your team made to building the church here. And thanks from Pastor and family.

God bless you.

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