Wesley Will Be Baptized

Today my brother, Wesley will be baptized! I spoke to him a few weeks ago and he said that he was no satisfied about his childhood baptism. He started going to Church a few years ago and the Lord has done a good work in his heart.
I am so happy for him and the impact that this will have on our family. Wesley has always had a great influence and winning personality, now it all can be used for God’s glory.
Many people live their life holding onto a childhood decision that has no life changing effects. It is only when we see that need for a personal Savior, can we find true peace. Jesus came into this world that we might have peace and hope. This only comes when we repent of our sins and trust in the finished work of Christ.
We should never give up on the hope of salvation for our love ones. You are never to old to make this life changing move, Wesley is seventy years old.
Jesus said, “call on me and I will show you great and mighty things.”

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