Linda Denney

It is a wonderful thing when you cross paths with some of God’s shining stars. Many of us live our Christian lives with little impact on the world around us and then there are those that seem to have an inside line with God and His plans for their life. They are not always the ones that are in the spotlights. In fact they seems to avoid drawing any attention to themselves and away from the work that God is using them to do.
Linda Denney is one of these people, the work at Victory would be really be missing something without her. She has always been a planner and caregiver. God has used her to be a blessing to many over the years. Her faith, in the face of trouble times seems to shine the brightest.
This week is one of those times for her, today she is in the hospital recovering from hip replacement surgery. Her spirits are high and of course she is concerned for those around her more than herself. Please lift her up in your prayers because I know she is praying for you. Victory has been blessed to have the Denney family as part of our fellowship. We hope for a speedy recovery and many more years of faithful service.

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