Job 12:7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee;

Job was going through a very hard time in his life, he knew that we can all learn for God’s creatures, most of us called them pets.

Last night the family pet died, Oreo,was a small poodle that we got from a man standing out in front of a Waffle House 11 years ago. She was all black except a small white spot under her neck, the people who had her called her Oreo, we kept the name. Arlene called her “my baby” and sometimes I think Oreo though she was. Everywhere she went Oreo was right behind her, a true friend. I would have a lots of fun picking at her and playing catch with her stuff toys. I would say “I got your baby!!” she would run up and down the hall getting the toy and bringing it back, just to repeat the same thing over and over. Finally she would get tired and take her”baby” to the backroom, with “baby” in mouth and head held high she would strut out like the Queen.
It didn’t take the grand kids long to play the same game with Oreo. Tennyson was the first, she would stand on the sofa and call to Oreo “I got your baby!!” and the games would began. Of course when Moreland came up she wanted to to the same thing. The girls always wanted Nana to put the Drama Queen dress on Oreo when they came up. I don’t think Oreo enjoyed it as much as the girls did. Then Eli came alone and it wasn’t long before he too was playing the “I got your baby!!” game.
The years went by and the black turned to grey and the running became less times before getting her baby and heading for the other room.
For the past few months Oreo has been sleeping more than normal and wanted to be held more than normal. She would come over for me to rub her head and then lay down for a tummy rub.I guess she just needed a little loving.
I will be the first to say that you love people and like animals. But it was impossible not to shed tears when I got word that she had died. She will be missed.
I thank the Lord for allowing Arlene and Me to get to keep her for 11 years and the blessings and comfort that she brought to our family. A lots of good memories and lots of times I would talk to her about things that others may not understand, she seemed to. It may sound silly but sometimes I think she knew what I was saying and understood.
I am thankful that God knows we get comfort for His creatures, we call pets, and it helps us to better understand unconditional love.

Picture from Christmas 2011