Hunter Reaves

Growing up in Southern Baptist Church I have often heard the phase “the devil is really after me this week” or something of that nature. I wonder if these people realize the severity of what they are saying.
The devil is the great deceiver, and will do whatever he can to keep people from trusting in the one true God. However he is not omnipresent as God is. Satan can only be at one place at one time. Yes, I know there are demons who follow Satan, his power is very real. However his number one concern is the human soul and if a person has accepted Jesus as their personal savior, satan has lost. His concern now will fall on others who are lost. Someone who is saved cannot be possessed by demons. We belong to God and satan cannot harm us unless God allows it. Think of Job. Job was personally attacked by Satan, he took Job’s Family, his possessions, and even his health, but Satan could not take his life. God has ultimate authority and even satan himself has to obey Him.
My point is, just because someone is having a bad week does not mean that Satan is personally attacking them. Often, things that happen in our lives are because of a choice that we made. If we make the wrong decision, we must pay the price. Other times we cannot control the things that happen to us. It seem as though when something goes wrong everything that could go wrong does go wrong. But that’s not because satan is attacking us. It’s because we live in a fallen world full of sin and evil. Gods design for our lives was not to live the way that we do. God created a perfect world and placed us in it, after sin entered the world, it became corrupt. That is why life is so difficult, because of sin.
Satan is not concerned with your everyday life, he is concerned about your soul. And if he has lost that He will try to keep you from spreading the gospel and allowing more people to accept Jesus into their lives. The power of satan is very real, it is not something to take lightly. He does attack people personally and when he does it is not a pretty picture. But he is not attacking my life or your life by giving us flat tires or making our bills pile up. He is after the human soul and he will do what he can to take it. However we know that we have already won the victory over evil! We know how it ends, we know that Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and we can find grace in that.

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