A Growing Church

images-1By Mark Ward

What Is Important In A Growing Church

In Acts 2:41-47 we see a wonderful picture of what happens when the Holy Spirit of God begins to work in the lives of a group of people. It tells us what the atmosphere is like when people are totally sold out to the Lord and living for Him. We see several things happening in these verses:

People are saved and added to the church—Vs. 41

Bible teaching becomes a priority—Vs. 42

Fellowship among believers is stressed—Vs.42

Prayer becomes a common part of their lives—Vs. 42

Verse 46 tells us that they met daily, broke bread together and had a joyful but humble attitude.

Verse 47 tells us that they praised God, had favor with all people and the Lord added to their number daily.

My prayer for [our church and all churches is]: that God’s Holy Spirit would fall and lead us to continue to be a Church where people are coming to the Lord, being baptized and taught God’s Word. I pray that our Fellowship would be exciting and God’s love would permeate everything we do . . . !

Used by permission of Mark Ward