Tuesday With Karen

searchThe Most Perfect Gift
?The most perfect gift that’s ever been given,
Came from God’s righteous hand in Heaven;
He sent His only Son to die on Calvary’s cross,
Purchasing salvation, so no one would be lost!
?The most perfect gift that man has ever seen,
Is the Saviour who came, our soul to redeem;
He came down to us, by way of a virgin birth,
The most awesome miracle seen upon earth!
?The most perfect gift that our life can receive,
Is our Redeemer, in whom we trust & believe;
His blood erases our sin & reservation in Hell,
Providing eternal life, making all things well!
?The most perfect gift we’ll ever know at all,
Is the Christ of Christmas, who started it all;
Without Him, we’d have no holiday season,
God sent His Son to us for that very reason!
**Christmas 2016

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