The Home School Myth

Here is the article I wrote in order to apply for the Teen Board of our local paper.
Sincerely, Laura Leigh Reaves

The Home School Myth                                               By Laura Leigh Reaves

You’ve probably met at least one person in your life who is homeschooled.
What was the first question you asked that person? Let me guess. “How do
you socialize, or do you even have friends?” This question is one many
homeschoolers get a kick out of. The word ‘unsocialized’ is a label that
has been slapped on homeschoolers, but it isn’t true. The fact that
homeschoolers are unsocialized is a myth. In fact, there are many myths
surrounding homeschoolers.
Take it from someone who knows. I’ve been homeschooled ever since I
started school, and I love it. The first thing people ask me when they
find out I’m homeschooled is how I socialize. The truth is, I have lots
of friends. One of the ways homeschoolers socialize is by being involved
with a homeschool group, like my family is. Our group, Soaring Eagles,
has held dances and gone on mission trips. We go to the movie theater on
some weekends. We go bowling or just hang out at someone’s house. The
truth is, we’re far from unsocialized. That myth is something that many
homeschoolers find funny. Just because we’re educated at home doesn’t
mean we don’t have any friends.
Another myth about homeschoolers is the rumor that we don’t work nearly
as hard as public school students. That’s not true. In order to graduate,
we’re required to complete the same amount of work as students who attend
public school. We’re also usually involved in numerous extracurricular
activities, both academic and non-academic.  We’re also not ignorant,
which is yet another myth spread about homeschoolers. Most of us have
excellent grades. Not all of us, but a lot of us.
Just because we’re homeschooled doesn’t mean we can slack off. I don’t do
my schoolwork in my pajamas. I don’t sleep as late as I want to, although
I wish I could. Believe me, if I could, I would gladly sleep late every
morning. The fact is, however, that most of have routines we have to
stick to. For example, my brothers and I have to get up at a set time
each morning. We get dressed, eat breakfast, do some chores, and then we
have to start school. Our mom oversees us and helps us whenever we get
stuck. Contrary to popular belief we are not done with our work in two
hours! We work all day in order to get all of our work in, just like
public schooled students. We have our own routine, and Mom makes sure we
stick to it.
Homeschooled teenagers are not very different from public schooled
teenagers at all. We’re a diverse group, just like public school students.
I have friends who are amazing artists. Some of my friends excel at
English and writing. Others are good at math. Some of us love to read.
Others are really talented photographers. Many of us participate in
sports, from football and baseball to horseback riding and volleyball. We
all have different personalities, and different interests. Students who
attend public school are the same way. So the truth is, homeschoolers
aren’t unsocialized, ignorant, slackers. These are just rumors that
contribute to the Homeschool Myth. Keep these in mind the next time you
hear a rumor about homeschoolers. You might want to ask around. Chances
are, it’s only a myth.

Laura Leigh Reaves is the granddaughter of Donald and Sue Reaves.

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