You’ll Never Miss It

Frustrated that income never covered expenses, a longtime church treasurer resigned. Another member, who owned the town’s grain elevator, volunteered to take over with one stipulation: He wouldn’t submit a report for the first year.

The puzzled board members agreed because they knew he was an honest man. After all, they trusted him to process their grain.

By year’s end, the new treasurer gave a glowing report. The church’s building debt had been erased. Staff salaries had increased 15 percent. And the budget showed a healthy balance.

When the shocked but delighted congregation asked for an explanation, the treasurer said, “Most of you bring your grain to my elevator. When I paid you, I simply withheld 10 percent on your behalf and gave it to the church in your name. You never missed it!”

Imagine what we could do for God if we willingly returned the first tenth of his gifts back to him.

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