That dog does bite!

Years ago we had an old dog named Fluffy. Now, Fluffy was a little of this and a little of something else.  Alan and Ricky loved her and so did Arlene. Well, okay me too. Some days they would let her come inside the house, she was a yard dog. Everyone would be watching TV and not notice my truck pulling up in the drive. I would walk in and as soon as the backdoor open Fluffy would slide along the wall and head for the door. No harm done, just Mom and the boys enjoying time with Fluffy.

One night Uncle Howard and Aunt Pam and there three kids, Donna, Lindy, Timothy came over for supper. We were telling them how Fluffy would act when I came home. Everyone wanted to see, so I went into the dining room, they let Fluffy in the front door. I pretended to come in the back door, by opening and closing it, Fluffy didn’t move. Everyone had a big laugh, and the kids started to play with Fluffy. Timothy was playing a little ruff, for a four year old, I said be careful she might bite. Everyone laughed and said “If you tie a biscuit around his neck she might bite.” About that time Fluffy snapped at Timothy, off he went crying to his Mommy, and I jumped up and tossed Fluffy out the front door. No harm to Timothy or Fluffy. But from that day on Timothy always new that dog would bite.

On September 11, we will all remember the attack on our country, by friendly Muslims. Today it seems everyone wants to be friends with everyone, and not call any one bad or evil. Isaiah 5:20 says “Woe, unto them that call evil good and good evil…”  Just remember that dog will bite.

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