Dr David Jeremiah says that JOY is a decision. JOY is contagious and to catch the infection you have to expose yourself to the virus and become part of the blessed epidemic.

If you wanna be joyful, hang out with joyful people. How do you know the kind of people to hang out with? Find those who are joyful, because if a person has authentic joy, you just solved your problem. You’ve got the right person.

Catch the virus. Get infected with the joy of Jesus Christ.

J- Jesus first  O-Others  Y-Yourself

A life beyond amazing is being saved, a gift from GOD.

There are three tenses of saved:
1) Saved at the moment you accept or accepted Christ.
2) As you live your life you are continuing to be saved.
3) When you die and Stand before GOD to be judged you continue to be saved for all eternity

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