He Didn’t Come Home

His ship was sailing that day at noon,
“Bye, Daddy we will see you soon.”
He would see the tears and hear the moan,
He died on the field, he didn’t come home.

His High school ring still on his hand,
Leaving home for the first time to enemy land.
Mom gives him a hug and says “I’ll miss will you’re gone.”
He died for his Country, he didn’t come home.

They would marry when he got back,
He would spend just a year in Iraq
A bomb went of will guarding as Dome
There will be no wedding, he didn’t come home.

The voice mail said, “I missed your going away.
Be careful in Kuwait and have a nice day ”
He was shot while waiting to comeback home,
He was covered with a flag when he came back home.

by David Smith in honor of all the sons and daughters that didn’t make it back home.

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