Tuesday With Karen

So thankful for the Christ of Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all! KI
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas is what we’ll always say,
For Christ is the One who came as a babe;
Wrapped in swaddling clothes in the inn,
We’d see no Christmas if it wasn’t for Him!

Merry Christmas are proper words to say,
To honor the Lord, upon this special day;
God sent Him as our Redeemer & Saviour,
Providing salvation, giving grace & favor!

Merry Christmas will forever be said,
About our Lord, who rose from the dead;
He came to earth to pay for every sin,
Shed His blood, for man to be born again!

Merry Christmas our heart will proclaim,
This is how we choose to glorify His name;
He came to earth to be our Faithful Friend,
We say Merry Christmas & we think of Him!


Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

 Keep Christ in Christmas, He’s the reason it began,
He was sent from Heaven to be a Saviour for man;
He came down to a manger by virgin birth then,
To shed His own blood & save our soul from sin!
 Keep Christ in Christmas, this day honors His birth,
By the Father’s hand, our Lord then came to earth;
God’s mercy & grace sent Christ down from above,
Displaying to man, His awesome favor and love!
Keep Christ in Christmas, He was there at the start,
Sent by God for us, to become the Lord of our heart;
False teachers come along, to mislead & deter,
Christmas without Christ, makes it not even a word!
We’ll keep Christ in Christmas, give Him glory & praise,
God gave His gift with Christ in the manger that day;
He came to earth as Lord, to be the Saviour of men,
There’d be no Christmas at all if it wasn’t for Him!



I would like to thank all the good folks at Victory for all the love and support they show.

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas dinner and play, there was plenty of good food and lots of wonderful gifts. Thanks again for making Victory a great place to come to Church.