Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Just A Few Words

Just a few words can help our heart so much,

They can be used in a soothing, healing touch;

If we ask Him to speak through all we say,

Most likely, He’ll use us to make someone’s day!

Just a few words can be what we need to hear,

They can cause your worry & fret to disappear;

We never know if our words bring a great smile,

Something said can make one’s day worthwhile!

Just a few words can make God’s love displayed,

His word tells us be careful in all we have to say;

When we follow His lead in everything we do,

Then He can use us to help someone through!

Just a few words can change someone’s heart,

They can make sorrow, heartache, & doubt depart;

God is willing to use us when others are hurt,

When we let Him speak by even our small words!

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