Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

                 He’s Fighting My Battles

He’s fighting my battles, when Satan throws a curve,

He keeps me stable, by giving strength in His word;

My life may see trials if certain things go wrong,

But He’s always there to keep my spirit strong!

He’s fighting my battles, when life has me dismayed,

God can see my heart when I can’t find words to pray;

When I bring Him my troubles, whether great or small,

The Spirit will remind me, He’s still Lord of all!

He’s fighting my battles, when my life hurts within,

He is the Rock of Ages, my feet stand firm on Him;

The storms may come & make the winds blow,

But there’s always peace in the Comforter I know!

He’s fighting my battles, His hand has no defeat,

Everything He performs makes my life complete;

Thank the Lord for His loving care so tender,

I’m blessed by Him being my strong Defender!


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