Tuesday With Karen

It’s so comforting to know He’s where we are at all times…in our heart! KI
He Is Where You Are
He is where you are, standing by your side,
God stays with us if He comes in to abide;
The devil may lie & tell you He’s not there,
God never leaves or stops giving His care!
He is where you are, in every step you take,
Never alone, your heart, He won’t forsake;
He walks beside you, giving you much grace,
 God’s hand helps in all things that you face!
He is where you are, whether it’s light or dark,
Ministers and heals the needs of your heart;
It won’t matter the size of your need or care,
He’ll be with you if you call on Him in prayer!
He is where you are, every hour of the day,
When you’re His child, He never walks away;
Pours out loving grace from His holy Word,
Then blesses you greater than you deserve!