Tuesday With Karen

God Provided Himself A Lamb

God provided Himself a Lamb, Jehoveh Jireh, the Great I Am,

He had compassion on the vile condition of man;

So the Lamb of God was given, making all things well,

His heart could not bear to see us cast into Hell!

God provided Himself a Lamb, when He saw the sinfulness of man,

He gave it as a perfect gift from His own righteous hand;

He knew that our sins would cost a very great price,

So He sent forth His only Son, Jesus Christ!

God provided Himself a Lamb, when He knew the sacrifice for sin,

The blood of Jesus was righteous, holy, & pure within;

He died on the cross, that we might forever live,

Shedding His blood, our sins to erase & forgive.

God provided Himself a Lamb, so spotless, humble, & clean,

Giving His life on the cross would supply all our need;

He loved us so much, even when we were in sin,

God provided the Lamb for us to be born again!


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