Tuesday With Karen

What a blessing to know the One lives within our heart and loves us every day! KI
Easter’s Real Truth
Easter’s real truth began at an empty tomb,
Where Jesus lay, as the Word said He’d do;
After three days, the stone fully rolled away,
He is still living, & loving His people today!
Easter began as Jesus came from the grave,
After giving His life, for souls to be saved;
He shed His own blood to pay for every sin,
Providing the way for all to be born again!
There are many princes and kings today,
But only one King arose from the grave!
He’s triumphant over death, Hell, & sin,
We’re so very blessed to belong to Him!
Easter’s truth is a day of celebration,
Praising His name, for our salvation;
He’s our victorious, living, risen Lord,
We will glorify His name forevermore!
**Easter 2018

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