Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

He’s The Giver Of Peace
He’s the Giver of peace, when thoughts are hard to bear,
He’ll lift you up with His awesome love and care;
So when the devil tries to play with your mind,
Run to the Rock of Ages, sweet shelter you will find!
He’s the Giver of peace, when the soul is full of grief,
The touch given from His hand is the only real relief;
Whatsoever things are honest, just, lovely, & pure,
Think on these things, you’ll find peace that endures!
He’s the Giver of peace, if the heart is breaking in two,
He puts things back together like only He can do;
When the Potter reaches down to mold the clay,
Every piece will go back into the perfect place!
He’s the Giver of peace, in all things, great or small,
The Lily of the Valley is also Lord of all:
Greater than all riches is the sweet peace He gives,
Oh, how thankful we are, that in our heart He lives!
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