Tuesday With Karen

It’s Only The Lord

It’s only the Lord, keeping us safe & sound,

With strength & blessings that truly abound;

We may question how things will take place,

Nothing is too hard for His wonderful grace!

It’s only the Lord, giving sweet peace within,

He wraps us in His arms as we trust in Him;

His loving care is waiting & ready to provide,

Great comfort for all we’re facing in this life!?

It’s only the Lord, who makes us fulfilled,

As He leads us in the center of His will;

If we face conflict we’ve never endured,

The Lord keeps our spirit strong & secure!

It’s only the Lord, doing impossible things,

He gives joy within, a sweet song to sing;

If our valley is greater than ever before,

Miracles take place if you follow the Lord!


From fatigue & broken sleep since Leslie’s surgery

on 4-5-18, & the Lord keeping me seizure free!

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