Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
Blessed Beyond Measure
Blessed beyond measure, the heart of the saved,
God oversees His own, day after passing day;
He’s better to His child than we ever deserve,
Comforting our heart with His loving words!
Blessed beyond measure, in His perfect will,
From there, He makes us enriched & fulfilled;
If we ask Him to lead & guide all our trust,
The blessings we’ll see are bountiful on us!
Blessed beyond measure, as we bow to pray,
God never misses a single word we say;
Even if the words are difficult to find,
He knows the very thoughts of our mind!
Blessed beyond measure, with God in our heart,
He’ll never forsake us, His Spirit won’t depart;
To have Him in our heart is an eternal treasure,
From being His, we’re blessed beyond measure!
No matter what we face, God is always good, & very willing to love on His children when we need it! KI


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