Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

In God’s Hand Of Grace
In God’s hand of grace, things become right,
Even in the midst of our very darkest night;
He puts things together like it ought to be,
Right down to our smallest, tiniest need!
In God’s hand of grace, our worries disappear,
The love He gives us removes our greatest fear;
He knows our frame, that we’ll be weak & fail,
His loving kindness makes us win & prevail!
In God’s hand of grace, are answers to prayers,
If we call on Him, He will always be there,
He listens as we pray, meeting every need,
And His Word tells us to Ask & Receive!
In God’s hand of grace, are blessings of love,
He watches over us from His throne above;
He takes us into a sweet precious place,
 Yes, carried by God’s great hand of grace!


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