Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
Watching God At Work
Watching God at work is an awesome thing to do,
Just to witness His power is a great thing to view;
His thoughts are above ours, in power & might,
He is there beside us, showing us what is right!
Watching God at work will cause us to be blessed,
Everything He does is filled with righteousness;
Not one time has He ever done anything wrong,
Having Him in our heart keeps the spirit strong!
Watching God at work keeps our heart amazed,
Anything He touches is filled with His sweet grace;
The touch of His hand makes things fresh & anew,
And there are so many things that only He can do!
Watching God at work starts in getting redeemed,
Forgiving every sin by the blood of Calvary’s tree;
He gives eternal life because Jesus died for sin,
And works in His children as Teacher & Friend!

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