Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Keep On Singing A Song
Keep on singing a song, if you see heavy trials,
Trusting the Lord gives many reasons to smile;
He’s the steadfast Rock on which we stand,
Even the winds & waves obey His commands!
Keep on singing a song, if circumstances change,
Keep your eyes on Him when life gets rearranged;
He’s the Overseer whose eyes never sleep,
Close enough to hear when we whisper or weep!
Keep on singing a song, if burdens must be faced,
Nothing is too great for God’s amazing grace;
Under His wing, He is our strong Safeguard,
Keeping a hedge of protection around our heart!
Keep on singing a song, whatever comes your way,
Seek His wisdom often, when you bow to pray;
He’s the valiant Champion, over death, sin & wrong,
Keep on singing, He’ll be the Words of your Song!

Tuesday With Karen

So thankful God’s love & mercy begins anew each day! PTL! KI

God’s Compassion

God’s compassion is more than we deserve,

Blessing us daily with His anointed Word;

Anything taking place, God already sees,

His awesome love meets our every need!?

God’s compassion is there, helping us along,

His sweet love makes our feeble spirit strong;

If we’re at a point we don’t know what to do,

He wraps us in His arms to carry us through!

God’s compassion never gets weary or worn,

He loves us from the very first day we’re born;

We need to earnestly seek His glorious face,

Then He’ll pour upon us His sufficient grace!?

God’s compassion is abundant upon His child,

He turns our tears within into a humble smile;

His love & grace begins anew with every day,

Praise His holy name, it’s never going away!


It’s The Little Things

By Meagan Davis
Call the Ambulance!
“Call 9-1-1! He’s not breathing! I think his heart may have stopped!”

The paramedics rushed onto the scene a few moments later. One feels the neck of the patient. No pulse. Immediately, he begins CPR while the others put the man on the stretcher and into the ambulance.

3 John 2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” John is wishing this elder good physical health. He knew this elder was spiritually strong. How about you?

What if your physical health was a reflection of your spiritual health? Maybe your diagnosis would be just a common cold, a nuisance. This could be a small sin affecting your life, but it could get worse if you don’t take care of it. It could worsen to pneumonia. Or maybe you have cancer, a seemingly small sin that has begun but is rapidly spreading such as bitterness, immorality, or maybe even a lie. You need surgery to cut that tumor out of your body or perhaps chemotherapy that will take weeks or healing. You may need to cut that sin out of life, or it may be a longer healing process of restoring fellowship with God. Maybe you aren’t breathing, or you have an eating disorder. Your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs. You aren’t in God’s Word daily. You don’t spend time with Him in prayer. Or maybe your heart has stopped. There is no passion for God, no desire whatsoever to serve Him or love him.

So what is your diagnosis? Are you spiritually healthy? Or will those around you say, “We need the doctor! Call the ambulance!”

Father’s Shoes

by Marion West

Psalm 119:20 My soul breaketh for the longing that it hath unto thy judgments at all times.

Growing up in Elberton, Georgia, my childhood was happy, except for one particular holiday. I dreaded it, pretended it didn’t exist, tried to ignore it. But no matter what I did, a secret longing remained in my heart: You can’t celebrate Father’s Day. Your father’s dead. You don’t even have a real memory of him.

As an adult I still couldn’t come to terms with that longing. I still wanted to celebrate Father’s Day with my own daddy.

Then, a few years ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution invited readers to submit memories of their father’s shoes and what the shoes had meant to them as children. My memory was as real as if it had happened yesterday.

I was about eight and accidentally discovered a pair of my father’s shoes hidden way back in my mother’s closet. My paper dolls suddenly forgotten, I touched the dusty shoes tenderly, examined them thoroughly in the sunlight, laced and unlaced them, and finally cradled one in each arm.

I mailed my memory to the newspaper because it satisfied something in me that I didn’t fully understand. Lo and behold, the newspaper sent a photographer to my house. He took pictures of me holding an eight-by-ten photograph of the father I’d never known.

That Father’s Day, I crept out before sunrise and found our newspaper in the driveway. There, in living color, was a picture of me with my father. And, for the first time, I genuinely celebrated Father’s Day.

Father, Your unexpected ways of healing are as remarkable as Your indescribable love.

Tuesday With Karen

Happy Father’s Day

Our Father

Our Father takes care of us from the start,

We have a very special place in his heart;

He watches over us every day with his love,

Thanking God for a great gift from above!

Our Father loves us from the beginning of life,

We make him swell with sweet loving pride;

Us to bear his name makes him feel good,

He guides us often to live like we should!

Our Father supplies our each & every need,

Protecting us daily in all things he sees;

God commands him to lead, guide, & teach,

For each child’s salvation to be reached!

Father is given many Heaven related jobs,

Each one is directed by the hand of God;

Thank the Lord for Father, & his loving touch,

He’s such a blessing, we love him so much!

The Intentional Family

When Harry and Agnes of Washington, got married, they intentionally decided to have a strong family life. So when they had children, they built a summer cabin on a small island. There they played games and spent time together. They prayed and showed Christian love to others. When Harry and Agnes died, the family didn’t stop gathering.

As Agnes neared death, she said: “I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I have no regrets.” She had lived an intentional life, planned out as well as could be expected.

At Agnes’ funeral, the pastor said: “Our time on earth is limited, and God calls us to be good stewards by living intentionally. That means using everything we have—in ways that would delight God. So that at the end of our lives, we might have no regrets.”

Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Thank God In Advance

Thank God in advance for the things He’s going to do,

Beginning with today & all He’ll lead you through;

He watches over us better than we understand,

What a privilege we have to be lead by His hand!

Thank God in advance for providing salvation to us,

For giving us a righteous Saviour we can trust;

Jesus became a man to pay the price for sin,

Died upon Calvary, so we can be born again!

Thank God in advance for prayers He’ll hear us pray,

For the love He has over what He hears us say;

“Ask & receive” is what the Bible says to do,

There’s nothing His hand won’t lead us through!

Thank God in advance for the many blessings He gives,

Praise Him for the riches He supplies as we live;

So when we bow on our knees to worship & pray,

Thank God in advance for all He will send our way!