Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Thank God In Advance

Thank God in advance for the things He’s going to do,

Beginning with today & all He’ll lead you through;

He watches over us better than we understand,

What a privilege we have to be lead by His hand!

Thank God in advance for providing salvation to us,

For giving us a righteous Saviour we can trust;

Jesus became a man to pay the price for sin,

Died upon Calvary, so we can be born again!

Thank God in advance for prayers He’ll hear us pray,

For the love He has over what He hears us say;

“Ask & receive” is what the Bible says to do,

There’s nothing His hand won’t lead us through!

Thank God in advance for the many blessings He gives,

Praise Him for the riches He supplies as we live;

So when we bow on our knees to worship & pray,

Thank God in advance for all He will send our way!

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