Tuesday With Karen

So thankful God’s love & mercy begins anew each day! PTL! KI

God’s Compassion

God’s compassion is more than we deserve,

Blessing us daily with His anointed Word;

Anything taking place, God already sees,

His awesome love meets our every need!?

God’s compassion is there, helping us along,

His sweet love makes our feeble spirit strong;

If we’re at a point we don’t know what to do,

He wraps us in His arms to carry us through!

God’s compassion never gets weary or worn,

He loves us from the very first day we’re born;

We need to earnestly seek His glorious face,

Then He’ll pour upon us His sufficient grace!?

God’s compassion is abundant upon His child,

He turns our tears within into a humble smile;

His love & grace begins anew with every day,

Praise His holy name, it’s never going away!


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