Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Keep On Singing A Song
Keep on singing a song, if you see heavy trials,
Trusting the Lord gives many reasons to smile;
He’s the steadfast Rock on which we stand,
Even the winds & waves obey His commands!
Keep on singing a song, if circumstances change,
Keep your eyes on Him when life gets rearranged;
He’s the Overseer whose eyes never sleep,
Close enough to hear when we whisper or weep!
Keep on singing a song, if burdens must be faced,
Nothing is too great for God’s amazing grace;
Under His wing, He is our strong Safeguard,
Keeping a hedge of protection around our heart!
Keep on singing a song, whatever comes your way,
Seek His wisdom often, when you bow to pray;
He’s the valiant Champion, over death, sin & wrong,
Keep on singing, He’ll be the Words of your Song!

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