Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Give It To The Lord
Give it to the Lord, if life begins falling apart,
He’ll repair all the broken pieces of our heart;
If life shows us things we can’t understand,
We’re safe & secure when it’s put in His hands!
Give it to the Lord, if you fear what’s going on,
He stays right beside us, never leaving us alone;
He always listens when our heart cries to Him,
Carries us when we’re weak, as our Faithful Friend!
Give it to the Lord, when we have hard things to face,
Nothing can’t be managed by His awesome grace;
No matter how difficult a situation might sound,
God’s loving grace is there to comfort & abound!
Give it to the Lord, everything that comes along,
There’s love in His touch, making our spirit strong;
If circumstances come we haven’t seen before,
Trust His mighty power, & give it to the Lord!

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