Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

My Heart of Thanks

Thank you, Lord, for the start of each brand new day,
For leading me along in every step I take;
I know it will be much easier for me to stand,
As long as I keep my hand in your hand.

Thank you, Lord, for strength when my faith is weak,
For those peaceful words my heart hears you speak;
Even on days when I might stumble & fall,
Your love reminds me you’re still Lord of all.

Thank you, Lord, for the faithful friends you give,
Sweet blessings bestowed on my life as I live;
You’ve placed them in my life for me to love,
I’m so thankful for your rich gifts from above.

Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful Savior you are,
For being the Blessed Redeemer of my heart;
You are worthy to be worshipped and adored,
I love you for being my Master and Lord!

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