Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Be Still And Know

Be still & know that He has a glorious face,

We’ll see Him pour out abundant mercy & grace;

He blesses our heart more than we ever deserve,

With every promise, He always keeps His word!

Be still & know we’ll see God’s love & affection,

There’s comfort to live in His hedge of protection;

His hand will guide every single step we take,

And God has never led anyone into a mistake!

Be still & know He listens to each prayer we pray,

Whatever the size, He hears every word we say;

He often sends answers addressed by His love,

That’s how it is with our gracious Father above!

“Be still & know that I am God” is wisdom He gives,

Showing us direction in the best way we can live;

So many rich blessings God will on us bestow,

All we need to do is take time, be still & know!

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