Tuesday With Karen

I’m so thankful the Living Water flows when we feel dry! KI

Do You Ever?

Do you ever feel very distant and dry,

Not understanding the events of your life?

The Living Water flows in our deepest thirst,

He’s always there, healing us with His Word!

Do you ever wonder why things take place,

In the midst of God’s all sufficient grace?

One of the sweetest blessings we’re given,

Is to be watched by our Father in Heaven!

Do you ever grow weary in the steps of life,

Knowing deep inside, everything is alright?

God knows our frame, the great to the small,

His love for us abounds, He’s Lord over all!


Do you ever just know it’s all in God’s hands,

And nothing happens without His command?

One thing that our heart is very wise to do,

Is trust Him in all things to carry us through!