It’s The Little Things

By Meagan Davis

Turning 21 into a Testimony

Today, I turn 21 years old. So, what’s the big deal about turning 21? In the world’s eyes, now I can not only party, but I’m also allowed to drink alcohol…legally. But here’s the thing with me, I believe that it is wrong to drink because the Bible says so (Prov. 20:1, Eph. 5:18). Many people just don’t understand that. Why would I follow what some book says about drinking? Because it is God’s Word. So now my 21st birthday turns into testimony time. My taking a stand against drinking on my birthday says a great deal about the rest of my life. If I am going to do this, people will notice a difference. Not drinking on my 21st birthday shows people that there is something different, and they may think that I’m weird at first. But then, they can watch all the other areas of your life too. So just taking a stand against alcohol is a small first step. What about my work ethic? My speech? My social life? How will I be different in those areas? If Christ is in me, these areas won’t just be weird. It will be a difference that they don’t understand, but one that they desire to have. Will other people see Jesus? Will they want what I have?
Taking a stand is not just about being weird. It’s about showing Christ in everything I do. His name is in my title – CHRISTian. Will taking a stand be more than just a way to be different? Or will it be showing the testimony of Christ?

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