Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

My Heart’s Prayer

Oh God, guide the thoughts that enter my mind,

Cleanse me, so righteousness is what you’ll find;

Place around my life, a hedge of protection,

So I may grow wise as I follow Thy perfection!

Oh God, guide the steps on every path I take,

Keep me close, so I don’t make foolish mistakes;

Lead me with Thy strong, righteous hand,

Cause me to listen when you give a command!

Oh God, guide the desires that live in my heart,

Keep me in Thy will, to never stray or depart;

Teach me obedience in this life as I live,

And when I fail you, please cleanse & forgive!

Oh God, guide my life whenever there’s a need,

Shine in me daily, for others, Thy glory to see;

I pray you’ll be my Teacher, Leader, & Guide,

So people see Thee radiating through my life!


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