“If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36

“If there is a God, and that God is a good God, then why is there suffering?”
“What kind of a God is it that has created evil?”

Ever heard those comments before? Ever made them yourself?

You’re not alone. Many people have thought the same thing. But that’s not straight thinking. Let me tell you the way it truly is.

God did not create evil. God created perfection. God made man perfectly free. The freedom He granted man meant that he had to be free to choose to love.  Then in order to choose to love, we must be able to choose not to love. This freedom of choice gave rise to evil, for man’s freedom meant he could make a wrong choice.

Which kind of love do you want from others? A forced love or a free love? Which sounds better, “I love you” or “I have to love you”?


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