Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Oh Lord, You’re So Good!


Oh Lord, You’re so good in everything You do each day,

Your hand is abundant with blessings You send my way;

Though I don’t understand anything from You at all,

You always hear my cry when I earnestly call!

Oh Lord, You’re so good in the blessings from Your hand,

You give me more than my heart can understand;

Your love is unending, merciful, & pure,

And Your lovingkindness will forever endure!

Oh Lord, You’re so good in the sweet protection You give,

You make me feel safe & secure every day as I live;

I know there’s no reason to worry, fret, or doubt,

For I know Your hand is leading me about!

Oh Lord, You’re so good in the kindness of Your touch,

Living under Your care has come to mean so very much;

Lord, keep my heart & eyes always focused on You,

So others might see You in whatever I say & do!

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