Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

When God’s Spirit Moves

When God’s Spirit moves, it’s so awesome & real,

There’s a sweet glory within a room He has filled;

lNothing on this earth can ever truly describe,

The holiness He shows when He moves inside!

When God’s Spirit moves, Godliness fills the place,

Anywhere He chooses to pour out His grace;

He cradles our heart when He visits us within,

Giving us a real touch of the love in Him!

When God’s Spirit moves, righteousness appears,

There’s a precious blessing when He draws near;

When Heaven comes down, there’s no mistake,

He’s worthy of all our admiration & praise!

When God’s Spirit moves, His glory will be found,

What a great place to be, where He abounds;

God’s people will humbly fall upon their knees,

Praising Him for the mighty moving they see!

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