Lesson From Little Things

A bug’s life

Go to the ant, thou sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise… Proverbs 6:6 

God often says a lot with a little, and that’s the case as we come to Proverbs 6:6. Notice that He uses an ant, one of the smallest and most insignificant creatures you’ll ever come across, to deliver a powerful and impacting message.

The message is this: Look how the ant is constantly preparing and planning ahead. At one time or another, all of us have seen this industrious insect diligently carrying a crumb, a kernel, or some spec of food in its tiny pincers. If you follow the ant, you’ll find that he’s taking that minute morsel to his colony, where it will be stored and eaten at a time when there’s no food to be found.

What is that ant doing? It’s doing what it can do today in order to prepare for tomorrow, and it’s an example that God wants us to follow.

“But wait! Didn’t Jesus tell us not to concern ourselves about the future and to have faith that our Heavenly Father will take care of everything? Should we hoard—or simply trust our needs will be met tomorrow?”

It’s true that the Lord doesn’t want us to have an anxious attitude about what’s to come. Therefore, this should never be the motivation that moves us, which is why we need to rest in His faithfulness regarding our future. At the same time, there’s an expectation and responsibility to plan ahead as best as we can—not out of fear, but out of faith in the fact that our hard work honors God’s divine design for our lives.

We have an active part to play in life. When we do our part, we can rest assured that God is always going to do His part to meet our needs and make up for any lack. That’s an awfully big lesson we can learn from an awfully small insect.