Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Just Keep On Going
Just keep on going, when great storms around you roll,
When current situations are beyond your control;
Thunder & lightning may flash as fierce wind rages,
But we’re safe & secure within the Rock of Ages!
Just keep on going, when the valley is deep & wide,
There’s peace to know He’ll never leave our side;
He’s the Lily of the Valley who understands,
Comforting us daily by the touch of His hand!
Just keep on going when trials are there to face,
Nothing is too complicated for God’s grace;
Even on days when everything is going wrong,
He is still able to make our weary spirit strong!
Just keep on going, in all steps you take each day,
His faithfulness, He never removes or forsakes;
Remember He’s there, even when we’re alone,
Set your focus upon Him & just keep going on!
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