Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Knows What He’s Doing

God knows what He’s doing, every second of the day,

He is never astounded, confused, or dismayed;

Our heart still wonders about things taking place,

But God handles it all with His amazing grace!

God knows what He’s doing, every move He makes,

His hand can never make an error or mistake;

Our carnal frame fails us, chooses wrong or sin,

But there’s no need to worry when we trust in Him!

God knows what He’s doing, His acts holy & pure,

Anything He does will be lasting & endure;

His thoughts are above all we think or know,

But God’s love on us, He freely bestows!

God knows what He’s doing, works wonderful ways,

He has the perfect plan, giving joy that remains;

Thank God, He receives our admiration & trust,

 He knows what He’s doing in watching over us!


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