Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

He Says “Peace Be Still”

He says “Peace be still” even when your storm is brewing,

He knows each step you take, & everything you are doing:

You may be fretting over things you don’t understand,

But it only needs to be placed in His strong hand!

He says “Peace be still’ when turmoil is in your heart,

And the stress within is making you fall apart;

All the worry you’ve done has been of no use,

For God’s hand is so able to take care of you!

He says “Peace be still” when situations take place,

All He needs to do is pour out His matchless grace;

He’ll lead you in righteous ways by His own Holy Spirit,

Seek His face, listen for His small voice, & hear it!

                        He says “Peace be still” & calms life’s raging storm,

There’s nothing God’s word can’t manage or perform;

There’s no reason at all to even be concerned,

                                  When trusting in God is what our heart fully learns!

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