Tuesday With Karen

Written after a recent dr. appt…KI
God Is Beside Me
God is beside me, in both daylight & dark,
His wisdom guides the choices of my heart;
At times, I’ll face trials I don’t understand,
But no need to worry, it’s in God’s hands!
God is beside me, in each step my feet take,
Giving me strength for all decisions I make;
My human side will make me stumble & fall,
But God is still there, waiting to hear me call!
God is beside me, in everything I will face,
Nothing is greater than His amazing grace;
My heart may see trouble, great, wide, & tall,
But He’s still King of Kings & Lord over all!
God is beside me, & will be forevermore,
I am truly blessed to have Him as my Lord;
Trials of life may cause me to grow weak,
But calling on His name gives perfect peace!