Tuesday With Karen (one day early)

After being reminded He calms His child in the midst of the storm! KI
He Calms His Child
He calms His child in the midst of all things,
He gives us, within, a precious song to sing;
We may have trials in this life as we live,
But so very sweet is the peace He gives!
He calms His child, whatever takes place,
He’ll be there leading every step we take;
Our problem may be very current & real,
But God’s voice will say, “Peace, be still!”
He calms His child as the storms rage high,
His strength will uplift us from deep inside;
The troubles we know might not disappear,
But God’s love assures us He is very near!
He calms His child by His amazing grace,
Guiding our path with His hand each day;
He hears us pray in His unselfish style,
Just knowing Him is enough for a smile!