Still Counting

It seems unreal that forty eight years ago today I married Arlene. We were both young and in love now we are old and in love!
I could have never guessed what God had in store for us, two wonderful sons and three grand-kids. Life is good and gets better every day.
Arlene was and still is the heart beat of our marriage. I am thankful that God has called us into the ministry. I did say us, because if the wife is not supportive of the work then there is much grief.
Our marriage, like all others has had it’s share of disappointments, but by the grace of God we have stuck it out. Marriage is like Churches there are no perfect ones. It is a matter of different people working together for a common goal.
I am very grateful to say that “whom God has put together” is a wonderful way to keep marriage in perspective.
Thank you “Cooter” “Mavis” “Baby” for forty good years. Let’s go for forty more.

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