Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter what our government proclaims,

Passing horrendous laws, to make ungodliness okay;

Stating we’re no longer a Christian nation,

Does not make God run away from intimidation!

It doesn’t matter how often our nation might change,

Or the many times its morals get rearranged;

Though politicians fear these morals might offend,

We stand as Christians against the sickness of sin!

It doesn’t matter, God will be there forever,

He can’t be abolished, overturned, or severed;

But if our nation continues on its pathway to shame,

Ichabod will slowly become America’s new name!

It doesn’t matter how hard man may justify his ways,

God’s word stands true, & we still need His grace;

He teaches us to live against the vile nature of sin,

To every word God says, we’ll always say “Amen!”

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