Tuesday With Karen

We Thank You, Lord

We thank you, Lord, for being our real Saviour,

For blessing our life with loving grace & favor;

Man has religions with leaders who are dead,

Oh Lord, we choose to worship You instead!

We thank You, Lord, for being God’s only Son,

Perfect & holy, in all things You’ve ever done;

When it came time to die on Calvary’s cross,

You shed Your blood, for no one to be lost!

We thank You, Lord, for Your divine name,

By Your touch, we are never again the same;

You hear our supplications as our voice calls,

Supplying every need, both the great & small!

We thank You, Lord, for giving grace as we live,

For loving us, our shortcomings, You forgive;

You bless us with more than riches can afford,

Most of all, we thank You for being our Lord!

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